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1st Lt. Nicholas Smart, 25, the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit joint task force enabler officer-in-charge, browses through information provided by Military OneSource at a town hall meeting here Jan. 19. The meeting was held to educate service members with the unit and their families about resources available to them while their loved one is away.

Photo by Cpl. Elyssa Quesada

MEU prepares families for deployment

19 Jan 2011 | Cpl. Elyssa Quesada

A town hall meeting was held for the Marines, sailors and families of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit here Jan. 19.

The MEU commanding officer, Col. Michael R. Hudson and sergeant major, Sgt. Maj. Scott Pile welcomed the families and explained the training plan and what to expect while the unit is deployed.

The meeting was held to educate members of the MEU and their families about resources available to them while their loved one is away.

“Although I was aware of most of the information, it is great to get a refresher,” said Sgt. Robert Brown, 26, from Chicago, the assistant radio chief with the unit. “The most helpful resource was Military OneSource, it’s something I can pass on to my wife and newborn.”

These types of meetings are important for the families and members of the 11th MEU, according to Pile. The meetings are held for the families to understand why Marines and sailors serve and that their support is irreplaceable.

Throughout the evening service members and their families were presented with different speakers who provided information from legal assistance and how to manage stresses in everyday life, to what pay allowances will be like while on ship.

The information provided to families is critical, said Kyp Hughes, the 11th MEU family readiness officer.  It helps the families maintain a normal lifestyle while their loved one is deployed.

“I hope the families go back and discuss the information they’ve received,” Hughes said. “I look forward to seeing the (service members) and their families at future meetings and hope they use the resources we’ve provided to them.”

For more information on family readiness or to get involved with the MEU, contact Kyp Hughes at 763-3524 or by e-mail at

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