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The strength of our Corps has always centered on the individual Marine. That is why the loss of one Marine, in a combat zone, in training, or on liberty has a significant impact on our Corps’ warfighting ability. Preserving our force is critical as we must provide a fully operational and combat ready Marine Air Ground Task Force.

Use good judgment in planning and execution. Every Marine and Sailor assigned to this command is needed to accomplish our mission. Be a leader and take care of one another. Being constantly vigilant by practicing operational risk management is how lives are saved. Consistently ask yourself: What are the risks and what can I do to mitigate those risks?

Don’t take short cuts against complacency. Approach every task and activity as a professional warrior; operate to the standard with laser focus. We are in a dangerous and complex business; your attitude can mitigate the loss of life, serious injury, or loss of equipment. I fully support every Marine’s efforts to stop potentially deadly activities. It is up to you to have the moral courage to act.

Look out for your fellow Marines and Sailors, both on and off duty – they are your brothers and sisters.